Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Historical continuity

480 BC "μολών λαβέ" = "come and get them" Leonidas I, King of Sparta

When King Xerxes demanded from Leonidas to surrender his arms.

1453 AD "Το δε την Πόλιν σοι δούναι ούτ' εμόν εστίν, ούτε άλλου των οικούντων εν αυτή. Κοινή γαρ γνώμη πάντες αυτοπροαιρέτως αποθανούμεν και ου φεισόμεθα της ζωής ημών" =
"Surrendering the City to you is not my right, nor the right of anyone else, for we have all decided to die and we shall not spare our lives" Constantine XI Paleologos, Last Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire

When Sultan Mehmet II demanded from Constantine to surrended Constantinople.

PS: those two statues are less that 10 kilometers away, one in the city of Sparta and the other in Mistras, both great men of Lakonian-Hellenic stock, sacrificied their lives for a common cause: FREEDOM


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