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Was Napoleon a "Spartan" as well?


Blogger Regina said...

He might very well be descendent of Maniots and have Spartan genes on his genetic pool; this could in part explain his success as a military leader and strategist. Unfortunately I don’t have the knowledge to reinforce the theory, which by now seems very reasonable, taking the information on the video as true but, let me tell you, I surely have an opinion about "Napoleon-not-Bonaparte"…Thanks to him my country was invaded 3 times and completely devastated not only economically but also politically and socially. Using the “excuse” of spreading the “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” ideal, him and his followers robbed us, killed a lot of people (300 000 portuguese!) and even “forced” the Court's movement to Brazil, which lately initiated the process of Brazil's state-building that produced its independence (with all the trading consequences you can imagine, it was basically the commercial collapse of Portugal!). To get rid of the French we had to ask for help to the British (after all we were 1st invaded by the French because we refused to co-operate with the Continental Blockade due to the ancient alliance we had kept with England…). Once the French were gone for good it was time to get rid of the Englishmen…and there we went again, loosing a lot of money and the little bit of dignity that remained. The entrance of my country in the “modern age” was rather traumatic.

About Napoleon’s bloodline I can’t say much- it´s an interesting analysis the one in the video (and great music!! :P). About his personality,well,if being Spartan means having a special ability to war and strength, seeking power, territorial dominance and spreading instability, violence, and submission then hell yes! he was Spartan (but I don’t think Spartans were thieves…And this is a terrible characteristic!!!!)

[Btw, the wife of Junot, the one who wrote the “Memories”, she was named Duchess of Abrantes, a Portuguese region, while she was staying in Lisbon during the 1st French occupation. just for the record…]

Hope you´re doing fine vetdino! Unfortunately i´ve been having lots to do and very little time for the blogs...I was glad to see that you posted new stuff! ;)

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Blogger vetdino said...

hi Regina!! damn, that Napoleon wan a mean bastard... he went to war too many times, killed too many people and almost won all Europe... that's world history for you... wars with small breaks of peace...

spartans did not actually seek power... they were too simple people, check for the "doric philosophy" online

not much time here either... we'll see.

5:41 PM  

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