Friday, April 04, 2008

Dear imposters of Greek history (also known an Monkeydonias)... this is the ONE and ONLY REAL MACEDONIA:

And these are the young Hellenes who will defend it if anyone tries to take a single square cm of Macedonian land:



Blogger Regina said...


oooooh you wish!!! it´s far from being over isn´t it? Well, I´ve heard about a "Republic New Macedonia" but will the McDons (from McDonia, the junk, "fast" artificial country that has no History, nothing to be proud of, and is trying to steal yours-my humble suggestion for a name since I don´t agree with any containing the word "Macedonia") accept it?
I don´t think so.

Greece should insist on a more splitting, distinctive name to definitely "separate the waters", to strengthen and make even more effective the boundary between the countries.

The funny thing, what´s really amazing, is the fact this is not "just" a name dispute...if it was, would they risk the NATO membership bid? or will they risk the EU? Would they be so stubborn, so stupid? We will get the answers with time but in my opinion it´s clear this is far more than just a name, there is definitely a whole ideology behind of it...And don´t come telling me it´s about defending the identity of a people, like they claim! How can they feel "Macedonians"??! How can they already have a "Macedonian" culture? The country has only been under this borrowed name since 1991!! what´s the big deal? How can they claim of a "Macedonian" identity? Don´t they get confused with the same being claimed by their Greek neighbours,in Macedonia (again)?! Who is who after all? Don´t they get puzzled? They are mentally ill, schizophrenic!! And if once that entire region could have been called Macedonia NOW it designates a small part of it, which is in Greece. We feel sorry, but can´t be. Too late. Game over. Get another name. McDonia lol whatever. Just don´t try to force any kind of connection with Greece.
Answers always come with time and they are starting to appear...if they fail the EU bid, because of a veto, it will show they are not defending a country or a people but an expansionist ideology!!

My opinion just for the record. It´s like if a bunch of separatist Spaniards decided to call Galicia "Republica do Minho" and they dreamt about a whole new country having Braga as capital!- over my dead body!!

2:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ὁρίστε καὶ τὸ δικό μου ἀφιέρωμα στοὺς «300». Πιστεύω ὅτι θὰ σᾶς ενδιαφέρῃ!

(Καὶ ἀναφορὰ ἐδῶ.)


4:24 PM  

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