Monday, November 27, 2006

A few thoughts on the graphic novel

Better late than never... I finally received the graphic novel "300" last week and had the opportunity to read it. I think I now have a pretty good idea about what we are going to see in the movie next March.

The storyline has some historical basis, but there are also some big faults (I will analyze further in future posts). I was impressed by how small the graphic novel actually is. It takes you only a couple of hours to read it (a lot more of course if you wish to enjoy the pictures). Another notable feature is that, at least from the movie trailer, it seems that the producers quote the novel word by word... of course I am sure they will add a lot more dialogues and battle scenes to fill the apprx 2 hours of the movie.

A few obvious differences, between the novel and the film, beginning with Gorgo (Leonidas wife) who in the novel appears very briefly, while her role in the movie seems a lot more significant. There is no rhino in the novel going crazy and running over the poor Persians...

I will return to this topic later. I sure don't want to spoil the movie to the visitors of this blog, so I will focus a bit more on the historical background of the movie in the next posts.


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